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alissa cha -- reality strikes back.

// alissa, 19, fashion designer (milliner), artist

i breathe to draw and live to visualize the thousands of ideas in my weirdo-brain. likes tea and rainy days, music as the highest form of spirituality and the night.
i am a ghost.

//notice that all content is my intellectual property. feel free to share but plz don't forget the credits. thx.


sunday night cover fun 

so i’ve just seen this ace cover of ‘do i wanna know’ by the arctic monkeys somewhere here on tumblr and i thought … 
well, i love this song, why not sing it myself too

so i did

and my best friend’s finally back in the country and she seems to like some of my covers — so there you go - cheers!

- by cha

p.s. pls excuse the crappy quality and my messing with the song a bit

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Alissa Cha

so i’m sure all you lovely people know that i’ve got a tiny fanpage on this social network. but in case you don’t i’d be honoured if you would join it and say hi ! i don’t bite and i’m happy to spread the love. 

xx cha

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and nothing hurt

i dreamed of spring nights
quite chilly still
where i had no regrets
no burning conscience
red-hot on my mind
hurtful and evil
forever lurking.

of your skin i would dream
its touch of perfect lightness
and the feeling of fearlessness
with you

i never knew you would protect me
was strong on my own
or at least i told them so.

no one would suspect the things beneath
what my mind was talking
uttering words all day long

i saw these nights in paris again
the nights of my youth
where i felt so unbelievably free
i could’ve cried out of sheer joy of 
being in love with someone 
who would not —
but i don’t care anymore

it is, as it seems, a fictitious story 
after all.

my memories are the most precious thing
and i love how they softly fill my dreams
like a sweet scent
of fog in the morning
in winter, when we went to the mountainside

i fell in love again, felt infinite
maybe i was 13
it all seems so long ago

but this is a story
which was ever upon me
all this
summed up to this very moment
in its complete perfection
the grief, the drama, the hurt
all these tears shed over humans
the nights spent awake
leading to now
my love to you

oh, wonderful existence
in which i bathe so merrily 
is there anything more divine
than to feel all this
in blinding sunlight
crescent moon

the light of a billion of stars 
shone onto my skin
absorbing the love it gave me
i will forever be
dead or alive
but a happy soul
fulfilled by the desire to express my utmost love
for this world.

(alissa cha)

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stars were to be seen and i ran

(and again i should sleep)

the unreflected mind makes one dizzy and sad
as projected words in a flat surface
hit visions of black eyes
not was any white left
in what you perceived to be a mirror
but was merely glass
a shard, skin 
never again

these days i dream of lots of things
barely ever able to tell apart
reality from fiction
or rather shadows of my mind
i see people
appearing here and then
talking of their importance in my life
and when i wake up
i wake up alone in my bed

it’s not even that late
my reddened eyes have seen later hours
of silver light slowly flowing into the dark
what was left of the night?
horizon foregone
and the pain inside of me growing
stronger, ever stronger
until my whole existence became battle
a minefield of utter boredom of being
petrified, not progressing
wallowing in sadness
and all these flowers seemed ridiculous shadows
of a past i haven’t seen for so long

spring brought ideas
my apparently infinite imagination
-at least in visual means-
telling me stories of complete romance
of the beauty 
in a gaze between two lovers
(while i would tie my hair in a pony tail
wear sunglasses, headphones, a woolly scarf)
the rain was not yet falling
wetting my eyelids with its wondrous tears
i was still lost in myself
lost in the world

i wonder how long hope can wait for me
to finally become what it promised to be
cried lonely nights, sunny day
for what would be there to come
far, or maybe not so far away

would i tell you that thoughts come to you at night
like dreams, visions, happiness?
so would you know that this is all a lie
for loneliness is ever so near
this being not of rosy tinge
no, pure existence this is
the valleys and depths of the mind
talking to you
and whispering in your ear
-go to bed, the morning will bring sunshine
illuminate your face
bring hope to your heart-


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